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  9/11 9/11: BUSH KNEW
Two years have passed since airplanes crashed into the
World Trade Center in NYC and the Pentagon. In that time,
the Bush administration has blocked any serious effort to
investigate what really happened that day and who did it.
Why? Because Bush doesnt want us to know the truth: that
he and his cronies knew about the attacks beforehand and
let (or helped) them happen so they could declare endless
war on the world. Thousands of people have died in this
war, and the U.S. is occupying countries with no connection
to 9/11, which is costing billions of dollars and many lives.


Why werent fighter jets scrambled in time to intercept
the ?hijacked planes?

How could airline fuel, which burns at about the same
temperature as kerosene, melt steel girders and make a
building collapse? (Hint: it cant. Can you say controlled

Why was the wreckage of the World Trade Center carried
away before a standard investigation could happen?

Bush has claimed twice that he watched the first plane
crash into the WTC on a television. How could that be
when no ordinary station was broadcasting yet?

What are the business connections between the Bush
family and the bin Laden family? (In 1979, a member of
the bin Ladens invested in George W.s oil company, Arbusto.
The coziness didnt stop then.)

U.S. presidential administrations have a long
history of faking disasters or letting them
happen in order to start wars:

1898 - Spanish-American War: U.S. ship Maine sunk in
harbor of Havana, Cuba. Blamed on Spaniards and
used to start war that netted the Philipines and other
colonial posessions for the U.S. Now we know it was
either an accident or sabotage by U.S. interests.

1941 - World War II: Roosevelt knew about the
impending Pearl Harbor attack weeks ahead of time.
Certain ships were moved out, but other left as sitting
ducks. Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
is among the people who have revealed this.

1966 - Gulf of Tonkin incident: Vietnamese allegedly
attack a U.S. ship in their coastal waters. Johnson admin
istration uses this as an excuse to get war powers from
Congress. The incident later turns out to have been
made up.

1990 - First Gulf War: A Kuwaiti woman testifies to the U.S.
Congress that she saw Saddam Husseins soldiers take
babies out of their incubators and let them die on the
cold floor.

Millions of TV viewers become enraged and Bush quotes
her frequently to support Gulf War. However, 60 Minutes
and other sources later reveal that the woman was the
daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador, was hired by a PR
firm to testify, and that her stories were lies.

The issue of Sept. 11 is not about Democrats
or Republicans, or right or left; it is an issue
of TRUTH. Educate yourself! Dont just believe
this! Go learn more on your own!